Reach Canada (TM) Equality and Justice for People with DisabilitiesEquality in Practice — Phase II
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A Service Provider’s Companion to Disability and The Justice System

Like everyone else, Canadians with disabilities can run into difficulty dealing with the justice system. In this respect, this “Service Provider's Companion” will help volunteers and professional staff provide more effective support to individuals with disabilities. It offers an introduction to the Canadian record on disability as well as insight to the justice “system”. Greater detail can be found in the publication entitled “Understanding Justice — A Consumer's Guide to the System for Canadians with Disabilities” and this “Companion” serves as a guide to that document. Both are also available in electronic format.


The materials related to the Equality in Practice project are intended to provide information, but not to represent legal advice regarding the justice system in Canada. Anyone considering legal or similar proceedings should consult a law professional for appropriate direction.

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