Reach Canada (TM) Equality and Justice for People with DisabilitiesEquality in Practice Project
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Phase II Content Index

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A Handbook on Disability for Law Professionals (Final version: English - HTML, PDF and French - PDF)
Understanding Justice — A Consumer's Guide to the System, For Canadians With Disabilities (English - HTML, PDF and French - HTML, PDF)
A Service Provider’s Companion to Disability and The Justice System (English - HTML, PDF and French - HTML, PDF)
Audio CD (A Discussion About Justice in Canada) (English and French versions)

“Disability and Law” Resource Guide For Law Teachers (HTML, PDF)

Promoting Responsive Legal Services for All Clients:
A Guide for Student Legal Clinics on Accommodating Clients with Disabilities (HTML, PDF)

Instructional Companion On Student Legal Clinic Services And Disability Issues (HTML, PDF)

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Phase II Professional Resource products