Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

Increasing Legal Referrals Through Front-line Workers


Funding from The Law Foundation of Ontario will allow Reach, over two years, to provide legal information seminars to front-line workers, develop resources to assist front-line workers in making referrals to Reach, and to address the increased call volume from additional outreach. 

This project will benefit front-line workers, people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, the legal system and the Ottawa-Champlain community. Reach is grateful to The Law Foundation of Ontario for supporting this project.

Reach is seeking a part-time Resources Coordinator over the two-year term to implement the project and to manage the increased volume of clients referred to Reach through front-line and community workers who participate in educational seminars or utilize Reach’s materials. The Coordinator will be responsible for tracking all information associated with the project including outreach activities, attendance at seminars, requests for seminars, and the initial source of referrals (i.e. front-line workers requesting referrals for clients or clients who have received information about Reach from a front-line worker).  Click here to learn more.