Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

About Us


Mission Statement

"To offer educational programs and independent legal referral services that address the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, fostering access to justice in the community."


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Legal Referral

Reach mobilizes a network of more than 200 lawyers, mediators and paralegals in the Ottawa region and connects with community resources to assist people with disabilities in dealing with legal issues. 

Issues which clients frequently contact Reach about include wills and power of attorney, family law, criminal law, and human rights. 

Clients who are referred to a lawyer, paralegal, or mediator may receive up to 3 hours of free, confidential, and personal legal services. Should additional time be required, clients and legal professionals will negotiate the terms of representation.

If you would like Reach Canada to refer you to a legal resource in Ottawa, please contact us with the details of your situation or Complete our online form. Referral requests are made over the phone or online, not in office. 


Educational Programming

Reach provides legal and resource information to people with all disabilities, their caregivers, educators, lawyers and service providers. Reach holds virtual seminars and conferences on topics such as mental wellness, PTSD, abuse, workplace accommodations, learning disabilities and many other topics related to disabilities.

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Reach was conceived in response to the United Nations designation of 1981 as the International Year of Disabled Persons. During our existence, the growth and development of our organization has reflected the progress made in society with respect to both attitudes and the integration and accommodation of persons who have a disability.

Reach was incorporated on February 27th, 1981. Since then, approximately 200 legal professionals and 100 plus other volunteers have annually given their time and expertise to the attainment of Reach's objectives. Reach has matured from a steering committee of volunteers to an organization with a dedicated professional staff of two. A volunteer committee was formed followed by the establishment of a Board of Directors composed of members of the legal and educational communities as well as members of the public sector and corporate/business communities.

Reach began by taking on a case for an individual who became inspirational for the creation of Reach - Rod Carpenter. Through determined effort, a bank account was arranged for Rod, which permitted him to use his thumbprint as a signature. Today persons with all types of disabilities call upon Reach on a regular basis. From the beginning, Reach benefited from the unprecedented commitment and involvement of local lawyers. In addition to regularly assisting clients in legal matters relating to their disability, Reach lawyers also volunteer their services on various committees, education programs, speaking at our Advanced Seminar Series and to other disability related organizations.



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