Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities



Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Reach depends on the knowledge, expertise, and support of hundreds of individuals and organizations including lawyers, paralegals, mediators, students, service providers, corporations and businesses.

Legal Volunteers

Our network of lawyers, paralegals and mediators provide up to 3 hour pro-bono legal service. Join our roster and make a difference in the community.

Legal Volunteers can assist in the following areas:

Pro bono legal services for clients with disabilities (Please note that you are requested to provide an initial consultation of up to three hours on a pro-bono basis)
Committee work (Public relations, education, research, etc.)
Speakers Bureau (Educational Seminars or Events requiring presentation on disability-related issues)

Click here to become a Legal Volunteer with Reach

Office Volunteers

Areas that volunteers assist with include:

Front Line Client Support

Seminar Presentations

Event Management

Business Planning



Contact us to learn more about current opportunities.