Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

Advanced Seminar Series 

Reach Canada offers its Advanced Seminar Series exclusively to corporate, government, and non-profit management.  The series seeks to educate management, employees, and employers on their roles and responsibilities in accommodating disability in the workplace.

Work is one of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s life. It provides an individual not only with financial support, but also with a contributory role in society and a sense of identity and self-worth.  As such, the conditions in which a person works can significantly affect their psychological, emotional and physical well-being. An informed workplace can foster a safe and healthy work environment in which a person’s dignity, self-respect, and skills can flourish. 

Research and experience tell us that Canadian citizens with disabilities are more likely to face barriers in their work place, and to be prevented from full and valued participation in the workforce. In recognition of this, Reach Canada seeks to provide guidance to management on their roles and responsibilities in accommodating persons with disabilities. Reach Canada works with businesses, organizations and government departments to determine the topics best suited to their needs and workforce. Our expert facilitators include lawyers, psychologists, medical health practitioners, educators and members of consumer/disability organizations. 

Examples of Advanced Seminar Topics:

Harassment in the Workplace
Promoting Mental and Physical Wellness in the Workplace
Understanding & Accommodating Environmental Sensitivities
When Accommodation Fails; Terminating an Employee with a Disability
Long Term Disability
Invisible disabilities (e.g. chronic pain, anxiety, depression and mood disorders)
Learning disabilities
Stigma surrounding disability in the workplace by management and colleagues
Job Performance vs. Duty to Accommodate Disability Management, including Return to Work
Duty to Accommodate – General and Specific
Working with Insurance Companies, as Managers and Employees
Economic and Social Impacts of Acquired Illness and Disability
Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace
Parenting Children with Disabilities
Family Status (LGBTQ, family leave, caring for children and/or elderly parents)
Privacy Legislation and its Application to Private / Public Sector Employees
Technological advancement in assistive devices for persons with disabilities

Reach Canada also facilitates a seminar on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and we maintain an interdisciplinary roster of seasoned professionals including, occupational therapists, psychologists, lawyers and consumers, who can present the topic to your organisation.

Each workshop can be delivered by a sole speaker or a panel of up to three speakers and will last between 60-90 minutes, inclusive of a question and answer session. The duration and content of the advanced seminar can be adjusted according to your preference.

For further information please contact Raija Pulkkinen at 613-236-6636 or rpulkkinen@reach.ca