Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

Run for Reach at Ottawa Race Weekend

"As a volunteer with Reach Canada while attending Law School at the University of Ottawa, I see first hand the difference that Reach makes. Access to Justice is essential for all and Reach Canada plays an important role in ensuring that persons with disabilities are not left behind!"

-Annie Arko, Team Run for Reach


Thanks to all of the participants and supporters of team Run for Reach in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at Ottawa Race Weekend! We are just shy of meeting our fundraising goal - your support is needed to help foster access to justice for people with disabilities in Ottawa and the Champlain region.


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#runottawa2019 includes events for all abilities and skill levels. Information for athletes with disabilities can be found at runottawa.ca or by contacting questions@runottawa.ca.


Tech Challenge

Reach has partnered with Lumentum to present the 3rd Annual Lumentum Tech Challenge at Ottawa Race Weekend to further access to justice for persons with disabilities! 

Prizes generously donated by CISCO, Pirho Grill - Barrhaven, Happy Goat Coffee, Colony VR.

Team Standings (May 27, 2019):

1. Lumentum Photon Finish


3. Fibre Gives You The Runs - Lumentum

4. Lumentum Golden Stars

5. Lumentum Frontier

6. Lumentum Speedsters