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For People With Disabilities

2020 Lumentum Tech Challenge

The 4th Annual Lumentum Tech Challenge is on now! 

To register or to support a team, click here.

Fundraising totals (as of June 1 2020):

Place Team Name Fundraising Total
1. LITE Speed $1,356.00
2. Aligned Riders $350.00
3. The Lone Rangers $200.00
4. Golden Stars $175.00
5. Photon Finish $50.00


Name Team Fundraising Total
Reem Elnabelsya Golden Stars $0.00
Kiana Massoudkhan Golden Stars $50.00
Vijay Badagi Golden Stars $25.00
Alyana Lakhani Golden Stars $0.00
Meenu Puri Golden Stars $100.00
Peter Roorda The Lone Rangers $150.00
David Lightfoot The Lone Rangers $50.00
Gonzalo Wills LITE Speed $250.00
Ryan d'Eon LITE Speed $100.00
Stephen Bagnald LITE Speed $336.00
Jason Bletcha LITE Speed $670.00
Ken MacLeod Photon Finish $50.00
Charles Pierce Aligned Riders $50.00
Michael Di Perna Aligned Riders $50.00
Logan Tellier Aligned Riders $50.00
Chester Murley Aligned Riders $200.00