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Family Law Information Centre, Ottawa

Published by on April 25, 2019

Family Law Information Centre, Ottawa


Nour Abbas, University of Ottawa, Common Law Program 2018-19

Family Law Information Center (FLIC) at the Ottawa Courthouse, located at 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario on the 2nd floor, provides services in English and French and the court house is fully accessible.

Firstly, at the FLIC, there is always duty counsel on site and clients are welcome to come and speak with the lawyer. If the client qualifies for legal aid, then the lawyer will surely provide them with legal services. However, if the client does not qualify, they may still receive guidance. The FLIC will provide the client with all the forms necessary pertaining to each client’s respective legal matter. Next, the FLIC will assist the client in following the correct procedures in filing the forms for their legal needs. The lawyer on site is able to review the documents to ensure that everything is filled out correctly before the client goes to file at the court services.

Another service that is provided at the FLIC at the Ottawa Courthouse is mediation services. Family mediation services are voluntary and confidential, and they give parties a chance to discuss their family dispute to try and resolve the matter before going through a court case. Between Monday-Friday during operating hours, there is always a mediator on site. Clients may meet with a mediator to resolve matters which can be addressed and discussed in a maximum of two hours. It is important to note that the mediators at the FLIC do not provide legal advice, their duty is to mediate matters between clients. If a client wishes to proceed with a mediation, they may request one through an application form that is provided at the FLIC.  Finally, the mediator will call both parties to confirm whether or not they agree to mediate, and then a time and date can be arranged for a mediation to take place at the FLIC. Mediation conducted on site at the Courthouse, are free of charge. This legal process is very cost effective, a great reduction on paperwork, and a more amiable method of resolving conflict without going through court procedures!