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For People With Disabilities

Legal Referral Service and COVID-19

Published on April 6, 2020

Legal Referral Service and COVID-19

Reach's Legal Referral program is providing assistance for clients with disabilities from Ottawa and the Champlain region. Referrals made to legal resources will now be in the form of telephone or videoconference meetings. Should you require assistance from Reach, please complete a Legal Referral Form and a member of Reach's team will contact you. 

Reach staff will be working remotely until further notice. Please be advised that response time may be impacted by these new working arrangements. 

As the situation in Ottawa and the world progresses, Reach is faced with new challenges in continuing to provide its legal referral program but remains dedicated to its mission of access to justice for people with disabilities. It is in times like these that service delivery to vulnerable populations in our community is even more important. As a result, Reach is working with members of its legal roster and community organizations to learn about their capacity to assist and to keep apprised of changes in service delivery. During this time, changes to the Legal Referral program may occur.  Updates will be provided as necessary and available.