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Ottawa Community Legal Services

Published on April 25, 2019

Ottawa Community Legal Services

Allison Krochak- English Common Law Program, University of Ottawa 2018-19

The Community Legal Service locations in Ottawa offer legal support and assistance for low-income residents of the city.  Funded through Legal Aid Ontario, the amalgamated community clinics are in different spots across the city, with designated geographic service areas for each location.  Included in the various areas of law covered by the clinics, are legal issues related to the Ontario Disability Support Program and the Ontario Works program. All the clinics offer legal advice and representation for low-income people who need help concerning their applications and/or benefits under these programs.  In particular, Ottawa Community Legal Services provides legal support regarding Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works appeals for (1) denied applications, (2) benefit suspensions, cancellations or reductions, and (3) over payment notifications.

Ottawa Community Legal Services is made up of three legal clinics in Ottawa:

West End Legal Services, South Ottawa Community Legal Services, and Community Legal Services Ottawa Centre.  Residents eligible for support from West End Legal Services are those living west of Holland and Fisher Avenues all the way to the western boundary of the city.

South Ottawa Community Legal Services clinic serves residents south of the Queensway and Highway 174 and east of Fisher Avenue and Prince of Wales Drive.  Residents living to the east and north of the other clinic geographic areas are eligible for support from the Ottawa Centre clinic.  Distinct from Community Legal Services, the Vanier Community Service Centre offers legal support for francophone residents in various areas of law, including social assistance/income support programs such as the Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works.

The Law Society of Ontario Website, under the Community Legal Clinics tab, provides more information on all the Ottawa Legal Clinics including their eligible geographic service areas, locations, and contact information.