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Reach receives $15,000 donation from Ernest Tannis in memory of Neil Coulman

Published on March 25, 2020

Reach receives $15,000 donation from Ernest Tannis in memory of Neil Coulman

Reach would like to thank Ernest Tannis for his generous contribution of $15,000, in memory of Neil Coulman, towards the 39th Reach Annual Celebrity Auction. Funds received will help to further Reach's mission of access to justice for people with disabilities in Ottawa and the surrounding Champlain region.

"Reach is very grateful for the contribution of Mr. Tannis in memory of Neil Coulman", states Frank McNally, President of Reach's Board of Directors.  "Mr. Coulman was an individual with a hoarding disorder, a mental health issue which is currently overlooked in our country. With the help of Mr. Tannis, Reach is better situated to assist people like Mr. Coulman in the future. The community at large will benefit greatly from this donation."

Ernest Tannis, co-founder of Reach, has been an integral part of the organization since its inception. Founded in 1981, Reach has impacted the lives of thousands of people with disabilities and their family members in Ottawa by providing legal referrals and educational seminars and conferences. Mr. Tannis remains an Honourary Officer on Reach’s Board of Directors and an active contributor to Reach’s programs.

Reach - Equality and Justice for People with Disabilities has a mission to offer educational programs and independent legal referral services that address the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, fostering access to justice in the community. Reach's largest fundraising event is the annual Celebrity Auction. Thanks to the contribution from Mr. Tannis, proceeds from the 39th Reach Annual Celebrity Auction exceeded $90,000.


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