Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

2019 Team Run for Reach

Participants in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at Ottawa Race Weekend, May 25-26 2019

JOANNE SILKAUSKAS - Executive Director, Reach - Ottawa 5K - Fundraising Goal: $500 - "For 38 years, this little -engine -that -could, supports people with diverse disabilities in the Ottawa region, seek legal services. In 2018, Reach, a non profit self funded charity, serving the community with the support of dedicated volunteers, reached- out into the community by bringing its services directly to individuals and extended its services in regions outside Ottawa. 
In 2017, Reach served 323 individuals and in 2018, that rose to 577. Reach can only operate by generous donations."
MICHAEL CHEUNG - Student-at-Law, Reach - Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon - Fundraising Goal: $2500 - "The Honourable justice, J.R. Matheson, in a landmark decision regarding an individual's cognitive ability stated that everyone has their unique part to play in our compassionate interdependent society and that liberty instructs us to seek to understand the minds of others.  In his wisdom, he reminds us that not even a sparrow falls to earth unheeded.  I'm running for Reach to promote accessibility and inclusion for the community that Reach serves, a community that everyone, regardless of ability, is a part of." ANNIE ARKO - Volunteer, Reach Canada - Ottawa 5K - Frundraising Goal: $200 - "As a volunteer with Reach Canada while attending Law School at the University of Ottawa, I see first hand the difference that Reach makes. Access to Justice is essential for all and Reach Canada plays an important role in ensuring that persons with disabilities are not left behind!" AMRI MURRAY - Paralegal, Reach Legal Volunteer Roster - Ottawa 10K - Fundraising Goal: $500 - "Organizations such as Reach Canada are often overlooked. This is an opportunity to not only help to raise funds for a noble cause but to aid in promoting its visibility within our community." TARA MARIE ANDRONEK - Vice-President, Reach Board of Directors - Ottawa 2K - Fundraising Goal: $500 - “I Run for Reach to support equality and accessibility in our community.” JAMES FOORD - Director, Reach Board of Directors - Ottawa 5K - Frundraising Goal: $1000 - "I am running for Reach to promote awareness of the organization's very important mission: providing access to justice to everyone in the community." RANDY SLEPCHIK - Secretary, Reach Board of Directors - Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon - Fundraising Goal: $500 - "I run for REACH because I believe in supporting access to justice for persons that struggle with disability."

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