Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

Provincial & National Resources

Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal aid services to low-income individuals in the province of Ontario.

Legal issues that are covered by LAO include: domestic violence, family law, child custody, refugee and immigration hearings, and poverty law. LAO also provides assistance in criminal cases where the accused faces a substantial likelihood of incarceration. With offences that can be prosecuted as either a summary or indictable offence, legal aid applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

1-800-668-8258   (toll-free)

416-979-1446   (within GTA)


LSUC Referral Service

The Law Society Referral Service is a resource that enables anyone to find a licensed lawyer or paralegal.  When you call the LSRS, they will provide you with the name of a lawyer or paralegal that will provide you with up to half an hour of free legal consultation to help you determine your rights and options.  The LSRS has access to lawyers that can help with many of legal matters.

1-800-268-8326   (toll-free)

416-947-3330   (within GTA)


Justice Net

Justice Net is a non-profit service promoting increased access to justice for low to medium-income Canadians who live in Ontario.  Justice Net offers a publicly accessible online directory of participating professionals and a telephone service to connect clients with qualified lawyers, mediators and paralegals registered with the program, all of whom have agreed to devote some of their practice to cases of low and medium income clients at reduced hourly fees.  Clients must fit into a certain income bracket to qualify for the service.

1-866-919-3219   (toll-free)

416-479-0552   (within GTA)


Ministry of the Attorney General – Family Law Information Centre

FLIC services are located in courthouses across Ontario.  At these centres you can find information about numerous family law issues, services, alternate methods of dispute resolution, and local community resources and court processes. 

Ottawa Court House, 116 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor


Human Rights Legal Support Centre

The Centre helps to provide legal advice to individuals who have experienced discrimination in communities across Ontario.  They can help you to: resolve a dispute involving you rights under the Human rights code, file an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, take your application to mediation or a hearing at the tribunal, enforce an Order  of the Tribunal if they find that you have experienced discrimination. 

The central office is in Toronto, yet it serves as a medium to connect you to the services you require for you legal issue.

1-866-625-5179   (toll-free)

416-597-4900   (within GTA)


Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a Toronto based legal clinic for low income senior citizens.

ACE provides direct legal services to low-income seniors, public legal education, and engages in law reform activities, all of which are directly related to legal of special importance to the seniors' population.



Connecting Ottawa

Their goal is to improve the accessibility of legal services to people who are not proficient in speaking English or French or who struggle with communicating as a result of disability or sensory impairment.  This project uses its network of 40 Ottawa based health, legal, immigration, disability and social services agencies to ease the accessing and communication process between clients and the necessary

Lawyer: 613-402-9437 (Natalie Drolet)

Social Worker: 613-402-9376 (Erin Fitzpatrick)


Action Housing

Action Housing is a charitable organization whose mission is to help low-income individuals and families to find and acquire safe, affordable, and satisfactory housing.  Action Housing offers bilingual service to socially and economically disadvantaged clients with multiple centres of access to housing services.



Samaritan Support Services of Ottawa Carleton

The SSSOC has three fundamental programs: the Academic Enhancement program, which is targeted to 11 – 18 year olds to assist them with homework and exam preparation.  The SSSOC Food bank is open to provide emergency food distribution every Friday from 3-4:30pm.  The third program is the Financial improvement program, which provides clients with assistance for their income tax preparation as well as offering courses in budgeting, debt cancellation, home buying, and life insurance information. This program operates on Saturdays from 10 am – 3:30 pm between February and May.



HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic (HALCO) 

HALCO provides free legal services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario. As people who are diagnosed with HIV can have a wide variety of legal questions, from concerns relating to disclosure, privacy, access to health care, and immigration law to social assistance and employment-related questions, everyone who is diagnosed with HIV can ask for free legal advice. There is no financial eligibility for this legal advice service.  Some staff speak French, and interpreters can be assessed by phone and in-person. 

Anyone living with HIV in Ontario can call for free legal advice about any legal issue (the issue does not have to be HIV-related): 

1- 416-340-7790 or toll-free 1-888-705-8889. NOTE: Summer intake hours for new inquiries are: Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Referrals and information can be made even if HALCO is unable to directly assist. . You can find more information on the Contact Us page at:  https://www.halco.org/contact-us.


Provincial & National Disability Organizations


Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) improves status of persons with disabilities through monitoring Federal legislation as it impacts on people with disabilities.

926, 294 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0B9
Phone: (204) 947-0303


Canadian Paraplegic Association

Canadian Paraplegic Association promotes the independence, self-reliance and full participation of Canadians with spinal cord injury and other significant mobility disabilities through counselling, information and advocacy.

230 - 1101 Prince of Wales Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2C 3W7
Phone: (613) 723-1033
Fax: (613) 723-1060


Canadian Association for Community Living

Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is Canada's national association dedicated to promoting the participation of people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of community life.

Kinsmen Bldg.
4700 Keele
North York, ON M3J 1P3
Phone: (416) 661-9611
TTY: (416) 661-2023
Fax: (416) 661-5701


The Canadian National Institute for the Blind

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) helps blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind Canadians address one of the greatest challenges of their lives: thriving - not just surviving - in a sighted world.

National Office:
1929 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4G 3E8
Phone: (416) 480-7580
fax (416) 480-7677


Canadian Association of the Deaf

Canadian Association of the Deaf promotes and protects the rights, needs and concerns of Canadians who are deaf.

205 - 2435 Holly Lane
Ottawa, ON K1V 7P2
Phone: (613) 526-4785
TTY: (613) 526-4785


National Educational Association of Disabled Students 

NEADS - National Educational Association of Disabled Students promotes the self-empowerment of post-secondary students with disabilities.

Rm. 426, 4th Level
Unicentre, Carleton University
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
Phone: (613) 526-8008
TTY: (613) 526-8008
Fax: (613) 520-3704


DisAbled Women's Network

DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) is a national, cross disability organisation of women with disabilities in Canada whose focus is in the area of research, defining the needs and concerns of women with disabilities and designing programs to address those needs and concerns.

408 3637 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2X3
Phone: (604) 873-1564


Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres 

Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC) promotes and enables the progressive process of citizens with disabilities to take responsibility for the development and management of personal and community resources.

1004 350 Sparks St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8
Phone: (613) 235-2581

National Institute of Disability Management and Research

National Institute of Disability Management and Research is committed to reducing the human, social and economic cost of disability to workers, employers and society through education, training and research.

3699 Roger St.
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8E3
Phone: (250) 724-4344


Neil Squire Foundation 

The Neil Squire Foundation was founded to help provide people with disabilities the same choices, opportunities and quality of life as any other people. The Foundation uses technology to increase participation in recreation, employment, communication and ultimately, to create a life full of choices and independence for people with severe mobility impairment.

Head Office
Suite 220 - 2250 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC V5M 4G5
Phone: (604) 473-9363
Fax: (604) 473-9364


Rick Hansen Institute

The Rick Hansen Institute removes barriers that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential and provides leadership in disability fund development, awareness and programs, with a focus on spinal cord injury.

1040 1875 East Mall
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Phone: (604) 822-9486