Equality and Justice
For People With Disabilities

Legal Referral

Reach mobilizes a network of more than 160 lawyers, mediators and paralegals in the Ottawa region to assist people with disabilities in dealing with legal issues.

Issues which clients can receive assistance with include wills and power of attorney, insurance and pension claims, labor and employment relations, personal injury, criminal and civil litigation, immigration, human rights, business and family law.

Clients receive up to 3 hours of free, confidential, and personal legal services. Should additional time be required for the case, clients and lawyers will negotiate the terms of representation.


Initiating a Referral

If you would like Reach Canada to refer you to a legal professional in Ottawa, please contact our office with the details of your situation or complete our online form.

Phone: 613-236-6636

Email: lawyerreferral@reach.ca

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